Sixth Form Team

At The Palmer Catholic Academy, the Sixth Form is a community within a community where students are guided towards becoming well-rounded individuals.  We ensure that everyone reaches their full potential, both academically and personally, and we foster an atmosphere of collaboration and support.  


The Sixth Form is led by a dedicated and highly experienced team who will support students during their time at The Palmer Catholic Academy: 

Mr M Larkin - Assistant Headteacher with overall responsibility for the Sixth Form 

Mr S Avis - Head of Year 12

Ms M Benzidane - Lead Practitioner for Student Outcomes

Ms P Sharp - Sixth Form Administrator

Mrs J Clarke  - Study Supervisor

Form Tutors play a vital role in supporting students throughout their Sixth Form journey. All of our Sixth Form tutors are KS5 teachers, and so are able to offer subject specific support and expertise to their students.  We have a vertical tutoring system in the sixth form.  Mixing the Year 12s and 13s in tutor groups provides opportunities for Year 12s to learn from our Year 13s and be mentored by them.  It also helps create the sense of a close-knit community that ensures our students thrive.