Student Theatre Review - Frozen The Musical

23rd Apr 2024
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Student Review - I really loved the play and found it such a fun and exciting experience, the costumes the characters wore looked just the same as the actual costumes in the movie. 

The music was created by a live orchestra who were positioned under the stage and was well played for everyone to hear. My favourite character was Olaf because I found him really funny and fun and he also was a good friend to Anna, he seemed really enthusiastic to everyone and helped Anna find Elsa. Another favourite character of mine would be Elsa, because at the start of the play, she cared about not hurting anyone including Anna with her powers even if that meant she was not allowed to play with Anna and isolate herself from everybody. I found her to be a powerful character who cares about her kingdom now that she’s been crowned Queen of Arendale. 

I think that the set was really impressive and well put together, they changed the set really smoothly and showed a number of different settings such as Elsa’s ice palace and her castle in Arendale. The special effects of the play were amazing and eye-catching. When Elsa changed her dress and the kingdom turned into ice, the audience clapped and found it very impressive. 

I recommend this play to a younger audience who enjoys Disney movies like this one, although there were a lot of adults in the audience who also found the play fun and enjoyable.

Pupils behave well, and they show respect towards each other and towards adults.
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