Phantom of the Opera

28th Nov 2023


The theatre play was impressive, the intricacies on the characters outfits and how each of their voices matched the persona’s of the characters. Especially when Christine had her first solo performance, her voice control was amazing and you could tell how high of a level she was in that type of singing.

My favourite part of the play was definitely when the chandelier came down because it felt as if I was in the play as well. It was also cool when they made us ‘backstage’ even though we were the audience.

The story line was a little confusing at first since everything was fast paced but it was easy to get used to and went smoothly. The dancers did amazing jobs, and the phantom was definitely a very complex and interesting character.

The set itself was very beautiful and matched everything perfectly, I would recommend this play to people who are into the form of ‘gothic’ and ‘thrilling’ experience as it was a perfect fit of both.

Overall I’d rate it a 9/10, It was great overall and everything was very surprising and captivating all at once, although it’s definitely not for audiences below 13.