Theatre trip to The Lion King

On Wednesday 5th July 2023, we went to see a performance of The Lion King at the Lyceum Theatre, in the West End. 

My favourite character was Nala because her role portrayed a fearless female lion. There are stereotypes saying that women are scared of everything, but Nala showed how women can be courageous and brave.

The two songs "Can't Wait To Be King" and Nala's solo song both had a story behind them and showed a lot of emotion.

My favourite part of the play was when Simba saw a vision of his father from his reflection in the water.

The puppetry for the animals was mind-blowing. The detail and dedication put into making the animals come alive was amazing.

My favourite animal was the ostrich because of its vibrant colours and the perfection of the performance.

I would definitely recommend this show. There was African culture and tradition within the musical, whether it were the songs, costumes, or dances.  I really enjoyed watching it and made me proud to be an African myself.   I gave it 10/10!

Dasha, Year 7  

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