Year Groups

Each of our year groups is led by an enthusiastic and dedicated Head of Year. They, along with their team of form tutors, work to support and enhance every aspect of our students' education.

This is achieved through working collectively to monitor the attitudes and behaviour of our students. Concerns are addressed as they are identified whilst ensuring that achievements are fully recognised and rewarded, not only within the year group but also the wider school community.

The work of the year teams is further enhanced by our Pastoral Support Assistants, Mrs Ferdinand (KS3) and Mrs Harris (KS4).


I have been Head of Year 7 for a number of years at The Palmer Catholic Academy and I take my role very seriously. As  Head of Year, I endeavour to encourage and monitor our Year 7 students to ensure that they make progress both academically and personally.

I very much look forward to supporting each and every student in order to achieve his or her full potential. I expect them to maintain high standards of behaviour and enthusiasm for their learning as they move forward with new and exciting challenges.

Together with Mrs Ferdinand and the rest of the Pastoral Team, we will make sure that each child's transition to secondary school is as smooth as possible.

I aim to foster a positive atmosphere with my year group where all students feel valued and understand our shared responsibility for developing their academic, emotional and social skills so they can fulfil their potential and go on to be successful young adults.

Mrs Hughes
Head of Year 7


Year 8 is an exciting and important moment in our students' lives.  Students will receive plenty of support and advice.  No longer the newest members of the school, I  expect Year 8 to continue with the focused and excellent behaviour that they have demonstrated throughout their first year at The Palmer Catholic Academy and be role models for the Year 7 students.

Students will be encouraged to do their very best to achieve and make the most of their time in the academy.  We walk step-by-step with each student to ensure they are on track and engage with parents regularly to ensure this happens. I have no doubt that the continuous support from a dedicated and enthusiastic year team ensures that all Year 8 students excel both personally and academically.

Ms Obiorah
Head of Year 8


When students get to Year 9, they know they are at a pivotal stage in their academic journey. This is when we prepare students for their option choices and arrange for them to sensibly develop skills that will aid them in their GCSEs.

As a Head of Year, I have the important role and responsibility for the wellbeing and pastoral care of the students. I believe that every child matters, therefore it is imperative to give each student a sense of belonging, give them the opportunity to achieve and be safe, healthy and make positive contributions. I must also act as a role model for the students: improve attendance, punctuality and foster a good working environment with parents ensuring they are kept fully informed and involved in the progress of their children.

It is important to monitor academic progress using assessment data to inform accurate analysis of students' progress across the year group. Here at the academy we aim to make every student feel welcome and comfortable. In Year 9, we work closely with the Mentoring Department. We undertake enrichment programmes, participate in extracurricular activities and go on trips aimed at improving the wellbeing of our students. We have a great Pastoral Team that works tirelessly to meet the needs of our students.

I have the pleasure of leading a great year group.  Year 9 students are dedicated, hardworking and conscientious and I believe they will achieve their full potential with the help of dedicated Form Tutors.

Mrs John-Oloni
Head of Year 9


I believe every child matters and place great emphasis on the moral, spiritual and academic development of our children. I achieve this by fostering a positive working relationship with all pupils and aid in the reflection of their behaviour to ensure they continue to make positive choices. I work closely with other departments, including the Mentoring Department to ensure all pupils receive the support they need to flourish and become a better person, that we collectively ask for in our daily prayer.

The academic success of the academy is well recognised and I strive to continue this success and prepare my Year 10 students for transition into their final GCSE year. I believe this academic success is rooted in the development of the whole child, including their academic attainment as well as opportunities for personal development. 

I am a firm believer that home is the first educator of our children and place great emphasis on communication with parents and carers. I look forward to working in partnership with them to ensure the best possible outcomes for our children. 

Mr E Barrett
Head of Year 10


The aim of this year is to ensure students are in the best position possible to succeed in their exams and have a hugely positive future ahead of them.

I ask that students take the challenges that Year 11 will present head on and work with us as most of them have done so brilliantly in the past four years of secondary education.

If students are prepared to put the work in, then absolutely anything is possible but success is not handed on a plate, it requires commitment and dedication.

I look forward to a really positive year with plenty of opportunities for praise, exceeding expectations and making the most of your time, as this year will go very quickly.

Ms F Russell
Head of Year 11