Matilda The Musical - Review

27th Sep 2023

Matilda The Musical - Review by Student 

On Wednesday 27th September a group of 40 students and 4 teachers went to the Cambridge Theatre to see Matilda the musical.

I think that the characters did a good job. The main role of Matilda was played by a very young child who had lots of lines and songs to remember- she was Amazing! I think they told the story well and clearly, I think the costumes were good and well thought out and really told the characters apart such as Miss Trunchbull, her costume gave a mean aggressive look while miss honey's costume gave the opinion of a soft and caring person. 

I thought the songs were amazing and would make people leave the theatre singing them. I think some of the sound effects were a bit too loud but at the same time it created an amazing effect for the audience, especially the part where Miss Trunchball set up the lazers in her office. The lightning was amazing as well. It left the audience speechless as some of the lighting changes were spontaneous and directed onto the audience.

 Although the play was very good to watch, I think that quite a lot of content from Road Dahl’s book was missed out for the musical version, especially when Matilda realises that she has magical powers, the theatre version only showed a small part of this. 

Overall I think the show was amazing and it is a play that anyone can go and see if you're a child or an adult, it will be enjoyable.