• A navy blazer with embroidered academy crest.

  • A white uniform shirt worn with an academy tie.

  • A navy V necked jumper (no hoodies).

  • Black full-length straight black trousers worn at the waist (must not be jeans, tight-fitting or cropped) or a navy pleated skirt at least knee-length at the shortest.

  • Black, navy or white ankle socks (these must cover the ankle and not be "trainer" socks) or knee-length socks (worn to the knee) may be worn.  Navy or black tights with no patterns. 

  • Shoes should be black leather, able to be polished, with a flat heel (not over 1 inch) and cover the whole foot.  Boots, trainers or canvas shoes are not allowed. 

  • A plain navy or black topcoat which needs to cover the blazer (no hoodies).

  • A plain black or navy woollen hat and scarf may be worn.

GENERAL information 

In cases where any disagreements over uniform arise, the Headteacher’s word is final.

  1. Academy uniform is compulsory and must be worn at all times in the academy and on the way to and from the academy; when representing the academy and at any other time specified by the academy. Any temporary deviation from academy uniform must be explained by a dated note from parents/carers in the student's planner.
  2. Students should wear full PE Kit to school on the days they have PE.
  3. All uniform and property brought to the academy must be clearly marked with the owner’s name. The academy cannot be held responsible for the loss of any private property.
  4. Jewellery, except watches, may not be worn. Students with pierced ears may wear one pair of small studs (no more than 3mm diameter). No other piercings are allowed. Unobtrusive crosses and medals may be worn, as interpreted by the academy.
  5. Make up, including false eyelashes, nail varnish and false nails, may not be worn.
  6. Hairstyles must be suitable for schools. Only secure extensions, in original hair colour, are allowed. A total change of hair colour will be regarded as extreme. Hair slides or bands, if worn, are to be black or navy. No lines or patterns are to be shaved into the hair and eyebrows.
  7. A suitable rucksack or holdall is necessary for carrying books. Plastic bags and handbags are not suitable.
  8. Students are required to come to the academy wearing shoes NOT trainers. They will be allowed to change into trainers only during breaks or for PE/Drama. Shirts are to be worn tucked in at all times. Ties must be worn in the proper manner, displaying at least five stripes.


Full PE kit is available from the academy preferred supplier: Lucilla Schoolwear.

Alternatively students are able to wear the following for PE:

  • Top: plain black t-shirt, plain black training jacket/zip-up (no logo or hoods)
  • Bottoms: plain black shorts/tracksuit bottoms
  • Footwear: Supportive sports trainers (for safety reasons no canvas style pumps allowed e.g. Converse, Vans)