Our Chaplain supports and enhances the spiritual nature of our Catholic academy by providing students and staff opportunities to celebrate and grow in faith.  Working alongside the Pastoral Team in supporting our students academically, emotionally and spiritually, aiding them in any area where they need support.

The Chaplain oversees the following programs:


Two students are chosen in each form group to be liturgy leaders. Their role is to lead prayer during form time in the morning lessons. Each liturgy leader has a responsibility to be an example of our Catholic ethos, to promote the fundamental values of our academy and faith. Liturgy leaders are given opportunities throughout the academic year to lead their peers in fundraising activities and develop the spiritual life of all in the academy.

YOUTH Saint Vincent de paul society (SVP)

The Youth SVP was launched in the academy September 2021, and consists of a group with ten representatives from each year group. The Saint Vincent de Paul Society focuses on developing faith and charity through simple acts. The students work together to come up with new and interesting ways for faith to be shared during form time and in lessons. The members of the Youth SVP work with our Sixth Form B-Attitude leaders to enhance the spirituality of the academy and to promote a culture where faith is at the heart of all we do.



The B-Attitude group was launched in the academy in September 2019 and has been an integral part of the charity work of the academy. The Saint Vincent de Paul Society focuses on developing faith and charity through simple acts. The Sixth Form students work together to enhance the spiritual life of the academy, starting with our Sixth Form and reaching all year groups. They meet with the Youth SVP representatives to ensure that we experience Christ in all that we do, living out our academy motto ‘For the glory of God and the service of all.


Leaders place great importance on developing the whole child. They welcome pupils of all faiths and none.
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