Mission & Ethos

Our Mission

Each student’s spiritual and moral development is central to the work of the whole academy. We promote those genuine Christian values which develop our young people into tolerant, respectful, industrious, successful and good citizens and provide the preparation for life in a modern, diverse and sometimes challenging society.

This is a modern school with traditional values. We strive to create a harmonious and caring ethos, embracing the cultural diversity of our school community.

The academy’s mission promotes the academic and personal development of each member of its community, both students and staff alike.

We serve Christ in each other to the Glory of God and Service of all.

Our ethos

The Palmer Catholic Academy is a modern academy embracing traditional values, a strong Catholic ethos, a commitment to high academic standards and a respect for cultural differences.

In summary, the academy's distinguishing features include:

  • A spiritual and moral ethos

  • An innovative curriculum featuring small class sizes

  • Recognised academic success ​

  • Clear rules governing behaviour

  • Extra-curricular activities and enrichment

  • Up-to-date technology and facilities

As Headteacher, I want to continue to drive the academy towards outstanding so that our students have a broad and balanced education which prepares them for life both professionally and spiritually.  I am passionate about education and its ability to make a difference in the lives of our young people. I am ambitious for every young person who enters the academy.  I am supported by a committed and talented staff who share in this vision and know how vital it is for us to know your child’s capabilities and how we support them to meet and excel against challenging targets. Every child counts.

For those of you who are new to the academy and for those of you who have been with us a little longer, you will know that the academy has built very strong foundations based on high expectations, excellent teaching and strong partnerships between home, school and the Parish.  I will do all in my power to continue with this legacy and to further enhance the experience for all within the academy community.

I have often referred to the academy community as being like a family.  Within all families, as well as the importance of care and consideration there is also great responsibility as we encourage our young people to choose to do the right thing, whether they are in school, at home or in the local community. We want to know that our young people will choose to do the right thing even when they are not being watched!

I want students, staff and our families to tangibly feel that they are an active part of a family that expects the very best from each other and supports each other to make this happen.

To this end, I would ask that parents and carers continue to fully support the ethos of the academy.