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The Palmer Catholic Academy

The Palmer Catholic Academy

Covid-19 home testing continues during the Easter break

Students whose parents/carers have consented to home testing have now been provided with their testing kits.  We are pleased that so many have chosen to take part as this will enable us to keep the academy as safe as possible for students, staff and of course all our families.  Our academy staff are also part of the testing programme.

Below are some frequently asked questions regarding the test programme:-

How often should my child take the test?

Your child should complete the test every Sunday and Wednesday. You will receive a reminder via email.

How does the testing work?

Your child will be familiar with the process as they took the test a number of times in the academy. Students have also been provided with an instruction booklet. It is recommended that students be supervised by an adult when taking the test but can swab themselves.  Students have become familiar with this process when testing in the academy. There is a video clip which may help you

How should the result be logged?

You will receive an email reminding you to take the test. You will then be able to use this email to log the result and will receive confirmation that the result has been logged. You will then see a link and be asked to then log the result on the official government website (it is a legal requirement to do so). If for any reason an email is not sent and you need to enter the result please do so on  Please enter the details by following the instructions.  The test site you should enter is TPCA.

What should I do if the result is positive? 

Your child should isolate immediately and take a PCR test.  We would recommend visiting a community or drive through testing site as this is the quickest way to to get tested, or you can order a home testing kit.  It is important that your child self isolate until the result of the PCR test. Please inform the academy on

What should I do if the result is void?

Take another lateral flow test.  If you receive two void results in a row you should book a PCR test for your child.

What should I do if there is an incident while testing at home?

If you have an incident while testing at home which has or has potential for harm, participants are advised to report it on  This is not for seeking immediate medical care.  Medical care should be sought through the usual route of contacting 111 or 999.  Examples of clinical issues are a swab breaking in the mouth, bleeding, allergic reaction on using the kit etc.  For Non-clinical issues - participants are advised to report any issues (something damaged, or missing or difficult to use in the kit, unable to log result etc.) to 119 in England, Wales, Northern Ireland and 0300 303 2713. An example of a non clinical issue would be missing items from a test kit.

What if my child is not part of the home testing programme?

You should follow the usual national guidelines on self isolation and get tested if they show symptoms.