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"I have found my time at The Palmer Catholic Academy enjoyable as the academy has helped me with studying and how I can reach my potential. I have been able to pursue extra-curricular activities such as joining the Sixth Form Leadership Programme which allowed me to go on a course for Diversity and Inclusion. I have also been part of the London Citizens program; which has allowed me to expand my own leadership skills and develop my knowledge of various styles of leadership so I am able to get my message across to others. This has built on and enhanced the skills I have learnt outside the academy within the RAF Air Cadets, allowing me to enhance myself as a person. The academy is incredibly supportive in my aspiration to achieve a place at an Oxbridge university by giving me with advice and ideas of how to increase my chance of getting into one of these prestigious universities."


"I feel that the academy is a positive environment where all pupils feel safe. I think teachers are kind and informative and they have really high standards for behaviour and our learning. I am the fifth girl in my family to have come to The Palmer Catholic Academy and I really like being here"


"The teachers have helped me by pushing me to work harder and learn more in all my subjects. I think there is a lot of diversity at the academy so I get to learn about different cultures which has helped me grow as a person."


"The academy is a learning-friendly space, where all teachers and students are there to help you when you need it. Teachers make sure their lessons are engaging, productive and with high expectations so that we are able to learn in a supportive environment."


"Joining the academy has been one of the best things that has happened to me as it’s really helped me build my character and allowed me to become more confident with who I am. One of the best things at the academy is the wonderful staff who welcomed me into the new school environment. All subjects are fun and full of excitement and there is always something new to learn. I am always excited to come to school because everyone is so friendly and every day brings with it a new challenge."


"The teachers are really good at the academy. They help me a lot and I really enjoy the learning in all my classes. I have also been able to meet lots of new friends."

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