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The Palmer Catholic Academy

The Palmer Catholic Academy


Pastoral Intervention Leader
Mr J Datson

Students Learning Mentors
Mrs M Millbery
Mrs S Alexander


What does a Learning Mentor do?

The day to day role of the Learning Mentors at The Palmer Catholic Academy varies daily. However the majority of our time is taken up doing such things as:

  • One to one mentoring discussions to discuss problems and look at solutions
  • Setting daily mentoring session where we set targets and action plans for each student Organise observations within lessons
  • Mediation between students and staff if there’s a specific problem
  • Arrange regular contact with parents of mentees
  • Supporting and training Peer Mentors
  • Helping with coursework, homework or other organisational skills
  • Arranging individual sessions looking at particular issues- such as attendance
  • Promoting and running after school clubs

So how do students get a learning mentor?

All students are eligible to work alongside a Learning Mentor. Each student who is assigned to a Learning Mentor has been selected from their year group usually by their Head of Year, or a member of the Pastoral Team. The specific student may be experiencing certain difficulties at school, or they may have certain issues the academy should be addressing in order for the student to benefit as much as possible from their time at The Palmer Catholic Academy.

Some reasons for referral are:

  • Student is not achieving as well as they could be within school.
  • The student’s attendance is lower than it really should be.
  • The student has emotional problems, i.e. conflicts with peers, transition issues from Y6-Y7, Y9-Y10
  • The student has social issues; i.e. they may not find it easy to interact with other students or staff.
  • The student has behavioural problems and staff feel a Learning Mentor may be able to address these issues well and positively with the student.

Parents may request a Learning Mentor for their child, this has to be considered by the Head of Year or the Pastoral Team before any assignment of a Learning Mentor takes place.

In Conclusion

All students are eligible for Learning Mentor support, those without Mentors can talk and receive help from Learning Mentors. Speak to Mentors at Lunch or Break-times. The work of the Mentors is very flexible and is tailored to the needs of each individual student, in order to ensure the child’s happiness is paramount. Mentors see their mentee’s usually once a week for an hour; mentors are available for every student that needs a little extra support and have been found invaluable to some so far.

Current Projects

Primary School “Peer Mentor” Project Link

Wellgate Farm Project

St John’s Special Community School Link

Working with Year 6 and Year 7 Transition work with St Aidan’s School


Peer Mentoring Scheme

What else have we been involved in around The Palmer Catholic Academy?

The team has been involved in many activities during the school year. Such as:

  • School Talent Show
  • School Trips
  • Peer Support Group
  • School Sport Teams
  • Coursework Catch-up Groups
  • Lunchtime Clubs for Y7
  • Drama / Music Productions
  • School Assembly for all year groups

How to Contact Us?

The team is based in the Kolbe building in K6 and are happy for any students or staff to pay us a visit.