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The Palmer Catholic Academy

The Palmer Catholic Academy


Learning is the purpose of our academy

We want students to find learning an enjoyable and fulfilling experience that they will continue developing their whole lives.  At the Academy we provide a broad balanced education and the curriculum reflects both the National Curriculum and its Catholic nature.

Our day is shaped to accommodate three periods: two periods before lunch and one after.  We find this arrangement the most benefical for the learning process.  To ensure our curriculum is always relevant and inspiring, and that teaching and learning is always of the highest quality, we constantly evaluate our range of subject choices and teaching methods and benchmark our progress against official data.

To create the best learning environment for students, we offer:

Small class sizes throughout the school - with teaching groups typically limited to 24 students, teachers can spend more time with individuals.

An enhanced curriculum which extends choice - we provide an additional language at Key Stage 3 and a three rather than two year Key Stage 4 curriculum.


Please click on the links for more details about the subjects we offer