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The Palmer Catholic Academy

The Palmer Catholic Academy



Mr S Moss:                Director of Careers     email:   phone: 0208 590 3808

Mr M Morris:            Careers Co-ordinator

Mrs Wodu:                Personal Careers Adviser (Prospects)

Providers, parents/carers & students: please contact Mr Moss by email or phone regarding any career education related enquiry.


Vision Statement

“Our robust careers programme at The Palmer Catholic Academy, will prepare our young people for the many career opportunities in life.  Our programme will empower all students to make informed decisions and manage the transition from learners to workers. We will engage with all students to develop their knowledge, experiences and abilities so that they will make appropriate and ambitious choices for their futures.”

Personal Guidance

We offer all of our students the opportunity for independent and impartial careers advice and guidance through our work with Mrs Wodu from Prospects. All students will receive at least three separate careers advice sessions at key transition points [Year 8 options, Year 11 Post-16 pathways and Year 13 post-18 pathways].  There is an opportunity for ‘drop in’ advice session for any students who have further career related questions. Students and parents are welcome to contact Mr Moss directly if they wish to discuss any careers questions or book additional careers advice.

Use the link below to gain more information on Prospects

We also offer, through our provider ‘East London Connect’, a number of group workshops, presentations and one-to-one interviews on work-related learning opportunities such as workplace skills and UCAS applications.

The academy has a dedicated Careers Library containing computer access to career related websites and a range of resources for students to conduct independent research into potential careers and courses.  The Careers Library is located in the Kolbe building.

GET INVOLVED:  Students and parents are welcome to contact Mr Moss in advance to arrange ‘drop in’ sessions during lunch times.

Career and Labour Market Information [LMI]

Each term all students receive a ‘Career Bulletin’ which will highlight the latest career trends and labour market information.  The Career Bulletin will be available on our website and to parents.  Each ‘Career Bulletin’ will also have a focus on a specific industry or job type.

Specific career and LMI related lessons take place within our PSHE programme.


Year 7 students will understand the essential skills that are required for the workplace and will plan how to ensure they will meet these skills during their time at The Palmer Catholic Academy.  All students will conduct a personality career test to identify how their personal attributes could lead to an appropriate career path.  All students will have a clear understanding of transitional points and how they will be supported during these key times.  Year 8 students will understand and challenge stereotypes within the workplace, such as girls and STEM related industries and will understand the link between education, skills and pay levels.  During Year 8, students and parents will be given key information regarding options and career pathways.


Year 9 students will gain a deep understanding of the role of money as a motivator and the importance of personal financial management, including pay, credit & the impact of debt.  In Year 10, students will understand and challenge discrimination in the workplace and understand the importance of equality.  Year 10 students will understand and challenge topical workplace issues such as ‘The Glass Ceiling’ and ‘The Gender Pay Gap’.  In Year 11, students will gain key information on potential Post-16 pathways and develop their own action plans to map out their priorities and potential career paths.


Sixth Form students will gain an insight into the political and economic landscape within the UK and globally.  All students will develop their own Personal Development Plan and use this as a tool to track and monitor their progress and identify their own skills ‘gaps’.  Up-to-date LMI will be analysed concerning work, pay levels, UK skills gap data, degree related careers and apprenticeship careers.

Careers and the Curriculum

All teachers at The Palmer Catholic Academy will highlight potential careers within their subjects.  At key transition points [Year 8 options, Year 11 Post-16 and Year 13 Post-18] teachers deliver subject specific career led lessons outlining the range of pathways available.  All students are required to choose GCSE’s within set option ‘blocks’ to ensure that a wide range of subjects are studied so that a wide range of career choices are available in the future.  Option booklets outline the range of careers available and a Parents’ Evening for Year 8 options gives parents the opportunity to discuss subject based careers.  Specific topics covered throughout the whole curriculum are enhanced with particular workplace skills and linked to a wide variety of job roles that are appropriate to the content.

Our STEM coordinator, Mrs Waterhouse delivers a range of activities and events to support the development of STEM skills, up-to-date information and STEM careers, targeting all students and in particular encouraging more girls into STEM based careers.

Encounters with employers and employees

At The Palmer Catholic Academy every student will have multiple opportunities to learn from employers about work, employment and the skills that are valued in the workplace. 

Guest Speakers

We have welcomed a number of inspirational speakers to the academy, such as Toby Jones [Actor], Ben DePear [Channel 4 News Editor], Benita Refson OBE [President of Place2Be] and Dale Morgan [Entrepreneur].

GET INVOLVED: We welcome employer/employee guest speakers to our academy to engage with our students.  Please contact Mr Moss if you are interested.

Careers Day

All Year 11 students take part in our Careers Day.  This comprises of a number of workshops where students gain understanding of a range of workplace skills and the pathways available to them.  We have a regular team of providers who facilitate engaging activities.  We welcome to our academy, Dale Morgan [Entrepreneur], Unite Union, Apprenticeship Skills, Barclays Life Skills to deliver our Careers Day.

Skills London

We visit the annual event ‘Skills London’ with our Year 12 students.  Skills London is the UK's biggest jobs and careers event with over 240 exhibitors including employers, universities, colleges and training providers. With this many exhibitors under one roof, our students engaged with a total of 55,000 job opportunities including apprenticeships.

Use the link below to gain more information on Skills London

Addressing the needs of each pupil

All students have at least three impartial careers advice sessions led by Mrs Wodu from Prospects.  Students are supported through targeted careers advice based on their career interest or industry type.  Students with additional needs or are at risk are allocated additional one-to-one careers advice sessions to ensure that they choose the correct pathway for their own career aims.

Our mentoring team, led Mr Datson with the support of Miss King and Mrs Millbery support our students through a range of programmes. 

Next Gen Leadership Programme

This focus group programme is led by Miss King and builds the essential workplace skills that are required.  The programme consists of developing self-confidence, role-modelling, leadership and presentation skills.

West Ham Foundation

The focus group programme led by Mr Datson is aimed to develop social enterprise within the community.  Team working, leadership, collaboration and self-confidence and of course coaching skills which are built over a number of sessions over a year.

For more information on the West Ham Foundation please use the link below.

Child in Need Programme

Our Child in Need programme focuses on developing a wide range of skills including CV building, aspirations, workplace skills and teamwork tailored to a specific group identified by the mentoring team.

London Citizens Programme

Led by our mentoring team, this programme cultivates a wide of skills and is based on community improvement projects.  Our selected students get the opportunity to negotiate with local councillors on community priorities and led on campaigns to improve the local community.

Wellgate Farm

This KS3 programme involves a selected focus group to regularly visit Wellgate Farm in Romford.  Here students gain the essential self-esteem skills required by working in teams and caring for the animals.

For more information on Wellgate Farm please use the link below.

Sports Leadership Programme

Led by the PE department, this programme gains essential workplace skills such as leadership, planning, implementation, confidence and coaching.  Students develop a range of activities to deliver at our local Primary Schools.  This can lead to formally recognised leadership awards and qualifications. “94% of students felt more employable” [].

For more information on the Sports Leadership Programme please use the link below.

Experiences of workplaces

Work Experience

All Year 12 students embark on 2-weeks work experience.  Students have found it valuable in a number of ways. It may be that they would like to work in an area that they are considering as a career choice or is related to their UCAS applications.  Students are encouraged and supported in finding their own placements or can use our providers ‘The Business Education Partnership’ [BEP] to source a suitable placement.

Work Experience will provide your child a chance to: 

  • Help personal and social development and develop key skills in a work environment
  • Improve employability by searching for an own placement - linked to their chosen career
  • Learn about the world of work
  • Meet new people and find out what it means to work as a team
  • Take responsibility for their own actions

GET INVOLVED:  We welcome employers to offer work placements for our students.  Please contact Mr Moss if you wish to offer a work placement. All work places must have employee liability insurance.

Use the link below for more information about The Business and Enterprise Partnership.

Encounters with Further and Higher Education

Students have meaningful encounters with providers to cover a wide range of ways our students can learn about their Post-16 and Post-18 school options. Our Careers Day covers the many pathways that students can take after Year 11 including Apprenticeships and colleges.  At risk students are supported through visits to local colleges.

In the Sixth Form, students visit Anglia Ruskin University for a number of workshops to gain an understanding of the application process, financial burdens and University life. 

All Year 13 students are supported through the UCAS application process and are allocated a form mentor to develop their personal statements. All students are allowed two independently arranged visits to their top two UCAS choices. 

A Summary


Autumn Term

Spring Term

Summer Term

All Year Groups across academic year will have opportunities for a range of programmes outlined above.

This 2018-2019 career plan is subject to change and updates over the academic year


Careers Programme PSHE


Enterprise Activity

Employer Engagement


Careers Advice and Guidance

Careers Programme PSHE

Options & Subject Careers Programme

Option & Careers Evening

Employer Visit


Careers Programme PSHE


Employer Engagement

Careers Programme PSHE


Careers Programme PSHE


STEM activities

Employer Engagement


Careers Advice and Guidance

Careers Day Event

Subject Careers Programme


6th Form

Skills London

Anglia Ruskin University

Higher Education – Year 13

Careers Advice and Guidance

UCAS – Year 12

Work Experience

If you would like a more detailed plan of your child’s career programme, please contact Mr Moss.

We believe our careers education and guidance programme will enable students to:

  • Enhance self-development
  • Review skills, interests and priorities
  • Consider issues of equal opportunity and stereotypes
  • Identify what influences decision making
  • Career exploration, including Apprenticeships
  • Consider work experience placements/options that suit their own skills, interests and priorities
  • Understand their rights and responsibilities in the workplace and who can help
  • Practice careers research skills
  • Understand the importance of gaining recognised qualifications
  • Judge the most appropriate route/s after leaving school
  • Develop knowledge of finance issues and how this may shape your futures plans
  • Prepare and produce your own CV
  • Apply for courses, training, apprenticeships or work
  • Recognise and practice good interview performance
  • Know where to get further help when you leave school

Our students' responsibility is to:

Be active in helping themselves as well as us helping them - visit the careers library to find out more about a career idea that interests you, be prepared to be realistic when making choices about the range of opportunities available and carry out all actions they have agreed to undertake with us.  Contact Mr Moss if there are any concerns or extra support is needed.

Parents/carers can help by:

  • Attending all parent’s evenings to gain awareness of your child’s progress and attainment
  • Encouraging your child to try out new activities such as joining school and out-of-school activities
  • Giving option and career advice without pressure
  • Encouraging friends/family to talk about their experience of work
  • Take part in the Year 8 survey to discuss potential career paths for your child
  • Attend open evenings and options evening to discuss with teachers potential career paths
  • Volunteer to share your experiences at our academy by contacting Mr Moss


Please click on the link below for percentage of students staying in education or employment after key stage 4 (destinations).


Useful websites for careers and Further/Higher Education information


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