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The Palmer Catholic Academy

The Palmer Catholic Academy

Academy Fund

This is an annual donation requested from parents.  Whilst Governors do well in raising monies through lettings and other initiatives, it is not possible to provide the level of development they would wish without the School Fund contribution from parents.

The contribution from current parents and parents of the past have allowed the academy to develop into the fine academy it is today.  School Fund donations are crucial if the academy is to continue to flourish.  The students of today benefit from the contributions of the past.  It is imperative that these contributions continue to support your son/daughter's education.  In addition, the completion of a Gift Aid declaration will allow every £10 donated to become £12.82 — at no extra cost to you.

With previous contributions we managed to continue to improve the learning environment for the students.  We have:

  • Replaced  computers
  • Redecorated areas of the Sixth Form and updated equipment
  • Redecorated Palmer Hall and O’Donnell Hall
  • Helped students to experience a variety of trips through subsidies
  • Increased fencing to further safeguard students
  • Upgraded doors and windows in Palmer Hall and other buildings
  • Introduced the Breakfast Club
  • Introduced high resolution screens in classrooms

All of these measures have contributed positively not only to the maintenance of the academy, but to the enhancement of the learning environment/experience of our students and the facilities we provide.

No doubt you will know from the media that the Government are continuing to reduce budgets available to schools.  I do not believe that we can stand still and only repair “drains and broken handles”.  It is imperative that we continue to move forward.

To this end your School Fund contributions are vital in supporting all aspects of our academy development, whether it be re-decoration of an area or the provision of facilities / resources.

I am asking for a contribution of £60 per family.  Your generosity allows so much to be achieved and adds significantly to the funds directly raised by the Governors.  Of course, if you feel that you are in a position to contribute more, this would be very much appreciated. If on the other hand, your financial circumstances are such that you can afford less, then this will still be appreciated as it all goes to the greater good of the students.

Gift Aid

Many of you are aware either through your Parish or other donations of how Gift Aid works. Simply, if you are a tax payer and have not already completed and returned a Gift Aid form, for every £1 you donate the academy will receive an extra 25p from the Inland Revenue.  Therefore, should you contribute £60 and complete the Gift Aid Form, the academy can claim a further £15.00 from the Inland Revenue.  This will make a total contribution of £75.00, at no extra cost to you.  It really is worthwhile.   A copy of the Gift Aid Form can be found below or you can contact the main office, who will also be able to supply you with a copy.

The Palmer Catholic Academy is encouraging parents to pay online for trips/events and other products via our online payment system. If you are not yet registered you will soon be receiving your online link code and instructions of how to log in. 

If you are already registered the event/trip or product will appear on your home page when you login to your online account.

If you would like any further information about how to contribute to the School Fund, please contact Mrs Jacqui Bovington, Finance Officer via email at or by phone on 020 8590 3808 ext 229.

Thank you for your continued support.

Mr P Downey