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The Palmer Catholic Academy

The Palmer Catholic Academy

Matrix Challenge #matrixchallenge2020

What is the Matrix Challenge?


A cyber security challenge for young people across the United Kingdom.

What's involved?

The Matrix Challenge will be available to all 11-17 year olds within the UK on the 20th January 2020. The game takes around 30 minutes to complete and covers 5 key topics, CMA 1990, staying safe online, steganography, fault finding in lines of code and cracking a cipher. The challenge will also include a timed multiple choice quiz. 

The Matrix Challenge qualification game will run for 4 weeks. The top entries in each region will be invited to a regional semi final. The top 3 competitors in each age category will then be selected for a grand final in July 2020 where top technology prizes and the chance to be crown Matrix Challenge UK Champion will be up for grab.

Find out more, click on the link

Matrix Challenge