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  • Coronavirus - Updated advice for parents/carers

    Published 02/09/20

    Coronavirus - Updated advice for parents/carers

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  • What parents and carers need to know about early years providers, schools and colleges in the autumn term

    Published 25/08/20

    Dear Parents / Carers 

    Ahead of the return to schools next week, you may wish to visit the below website for useful information as provided by the Department for Education.  

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  • Returning to School: Support from the Educational Psychology Services

    Published 04/06/20


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  • Year 9 Drama presentation

    Published 11/12/20

    Year 9 drama students have been working on a presentation as part of the carol concert.  Scroll down to see some pictures.

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  • Student Absence Reporting

    Published 11/11/20
    Reporting a student absence
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  • Work from the Art Department

    Published 07/05/20
    Take a look at the work our students have been doing in Art.  Go to two picture albums in the Picture Gallery section. Photography Art work
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  • Mr Lalley's challenge

    Published 06/05/20
    In aid of the 2.6 challenge,  the aim of which was to raise money for charities missing out on donations due to the London Marathon being cancelled this year, my partner and I took on a cycling and running challenge (of course)! Our goal wa
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  • Visit to The Francis Crick Institute

    Published 05/03/20
    The Food and Catering Department took a group of students  to the kitchen of The Francis Crick Institute at Kings Cross in conjunction with the The Springboard Charity. The charity helps young people achieve their potential and nu
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  • Chemistry Race

    Published 04/03/20
    Four of our Year 12 students entered the Cambridge University 2020 Chemistry Race. This is the first time the Chemistry Race has taken place in the UK.  Students travelled to the chemistry department of Cambridge University for a day of che
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  •  SIMS parent app

    Published 11/10/19

    The academy uses the SIMS parent app for on-line communication.  This gives parents access to term dates, timetables, homework, achievement, attendance and behaviour reports.

    You will need to verify your account with an activation code.   For information about how to do this, please see the instructions below.   Or contact the academy for help.

      Once you have registered to use the app, it can be accessed here or on the quick links bar at the top right hand side of the home page.

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  • GCSEPods

    Published 05/11/18

    Year 11 students - take a look at this for help with revision.

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  • Literacy mats

    Published 05/11/18

    Find out about and download Literacy mats here.

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