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The Palmer Catholic Academy

The Palmer Catholic Academy

Headteacher's letter, 5th January 2021

Please see the attachment at the bottom of the page for the full text.


Remote Learning

The academy will now offer remote learning to all students for the remainder of this half term, until 12th February 2021.

Provision Critical Workers and Vulnerable children

The academy is open for children of ‘critical workers and vulnerable children’ only. This link allows you to find out more if you believe you are eligible and wish to send your child to the academy. If attending the academy, your child will be supervised and receive the same remote learning online whilst being supervised in a classroom.

Daily Routines

Students will now follow a school day which follows their existing timetable, with times as follows:

9.00am - 9.15am Daily registration with form tutor via Google Meet

9.20am - 10.40am Period 1

11.20am - 12.40pm Period 2 1.30pm - 2.50pm Period 3

This schedule will allow for four hours of work per day. Some reading and writing activities will go beyond this schedule, however your child should not be working excessively.

Please do contact the academy if you need any assistance/guidance. Lessons will include a variety of online resources and regular elements of pre-recorded teaching and/or live teaching. This is via the secure platform of Google Classroom which gives teachers the ability to control who enters the ‘classroom’ online. Students will communicate with teachers by typing in responses. Your child can listen with earphones/ headphones if the noise causes any issues at home. 

PE lessons will continue to be delivered to all students, which I encourage full participation in as remaining physically active is very important during this time of lock-down.