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The Palmer Catholic Academy

Prayers of the week


Monday 17th December

“O Antiphons” for Creation

O God, you give tender care to all creation; sustain us in our efforts to continue your work.

    O Lord of all, you came to set us free and to judge your poor with justice; help us to help those who are poor and continue to experience injustice.

O You of Jesse’s stem, you came as a sign for all peoples; come to our aid as we work for a world of justice and peace.

    O Key of David, break the shackles of those who are in darkness and lead your people into freedom; especially those people who are unjustly imprisoned whilst defending the poor.

    O Christ of light come and shine down on all who live in the darkness of modern slavery.

O Prince of peace come and save the nations, especially those currently in turmoil.

    O Emmanuel, Saviour of all, come and set us free so that through your loving care we might help bring freedom to others.


Tuesday 18th December

People of hope

In this season of Advent, inspire us to be a people of hope.

Encourage us not to be greedy for material possessions, but for justice and truth.  Enflame us with a love for others, which crosses boundaries of race, religion and nationality. Stir within us a desire to fight for the integrity of creation and appreciate the immense beauty of the earth. Be with us, Lord, at this time, that we may be a people of hope. Amen.



Wednesday 19th December

The presence of God

Loving Father, we know you are with us always and we see your presence:-

in the joy of families drinking clean water,

in the joy of farmers seeing their crops grow,

in the joy of children attending school,

in the joy of mothers providing for their families,

in the joy of our brothers and sisters waking each day

with renewed hope for a fair and just world.

Caring Father, we live in eager hope and expectation that we will see your presence:-

in the decisions made by the World Trade Organisation,

in the continued work to make poverty history,

in the search for justice for the imprisoned and oppressed,

in the policies of decision makers,

in the joy of working alongside our brothers and sisters

to create a fair and just world.


Thursday 20th December

Expectant God

The heavens can no longer hold your abundant love,

So you pour out the gift of your embodied self

Relinquishing the beauty of your majesty,

To adorn the pale colours of our humanity.

Choosing to enter into this world in a place of scarcity and need.

Reveal to us this hidden world

of poverty,

of refugees,

of suffering.

As you choose this as the place of your birth

Let us choose this to be the place of our rebirth.

Rebuild us,

Transform us,

Make us anew.

We ask this through Christ our Lord,



Friday 21st December

For the grace of hope in Advent

All of us are the work of your hands.

From the earth we were moulded in your image,

fragile and dependent upon you.

Made perfect, we sin against you,

but you respond always with forgiveness.

Out of love, you prepared us for the coming of Christ.

Your own image was moulded from the same clay.

You came into our lives,

and talked about forgiving one another.

You sat among those who were down and out,

healing the sick and the lame.

You shared our joys and sorrows,

teaching us about loving our neighbour.


We are your clay, remaining fragile yet hopeful.

Shape us in this season of Advent

in readiness for the Word made flesh.

Through the grace of hope we pledge ourselves

to confront injustice.

And we pray for the peace that only Christ

can bring to our broken world.



Monday 24th December

Hail Mary, Mother of Mercy

Hail Mary, Mother of Mercy,

our life, our sweetness and our hope.

To you, we cry, as children of God,

joined as one with our wounded world,

with hearts full of hope for a home transformed.

Mother of Creation,

look upon us we pray,

so we may come to see God’s earthly garden

through the radiant light of wisdom.

Holy Mary, Mother of all,

make us worthy we pray,

to treasure the earth our common home,

and show us the blessed fruit of your womb, Jesus.



Tuesday 25th December

Loving Father, we thank you,

Lord Jesus, we love you,

Holy Spirit, we need you.

Lord God, have mercy on us.