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The Palmer Catholic Academy

Head Girl Welcome 

My name is Anjali Kudhail. It’s an honour to be Head Girl at The Palmer Catholic Academy. My role is a challenging but a privileged one.   I have been a student at The Palmer Catholic Academy since Year Eight, and over the years it has been a roller coaster ride, from challenging exam periods to making great memories with my friends. 

Having joined the academy in Year Eight opposed to Year Seven, I was quite nervous but I settled in much sooner than I had anticipated. The support I received from my fellow students and teachers is something that will always be of great value to me. I settled in well, making great new friends, allowing me to continue my educational journey. Throughout the years, I have found that the teachers are dedicated and skilled, constantly guiding us to allow our individual talents to bloom. I am thankful for the many opportunities I have been given throughout the years, especially the chance to be Head Girl. I hope to give back as much as the academy has given me and look forward to seeing  what the future holds.