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The Palmer Catholic Academy

Head Girl Welcome 

My name is Martyna Radniecka and I am head girl at The Palmer Catholic Academy. Being a student here at the academy for the last six years allowed me to watch the academy, as well as its students, grow and become the great community they are today.

Starting a new school is scary for everyone. I quickly found my place and made great friends. Throughout the years, there have been no obstacles that I couldn’t overcome with the support of my teachers. I’ve been able to achieve all the goals I set myself, and ones I didn’t think I could accomplish – being head girl is one of them.

One of the most challenging times during my school life were my GCSEs, and on a few occasions I didn’t believe in myself. My friends and teachers were there for me, which is what I value most at the academy – the support that everyone receives.

Being part of this academy is a real privilege; I have been provided not only with knowledge, but also valuable skills and confidence that are necessary for the next step of my life.