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The Palmer Catholic Academy

The Palmer Catholic Academy


Director of Careers
Mr S Moss      

Mr M Morris:   Careers Co-ordinator

Mr B Taylor:  Personal Adviser (Careers)

Mr R Tatton:   SEN Provision 

Entitlement Statement

Careers Education, Information, Advice & Guidance plays a major part in helping students prepare for the opportunities, responsibilities and experiences of their life ahead.   Through our programme of support, it will help pupils know more about what they are good at and interested in; the opportunities available to them, and how to get themselves to where they want to be in their career.

As an academy we are committed to providing your child with up to date and relevant careers education, information and advice so that they can make informed decisions at each transitional stage of their education.  The key transitional stages are at Year 8 [options], Year 11 [Post-16 choices] and Years 12 -13 [Post-18 choices]

The academy has a dedicated Careers Library containing a range of resources for students to conduct research into potential careers and courses and is located in the Kolbe building. We have a fully qualified Careers Personal Advisor who is in school twice a week to deliver quality CEIAG advice and offers ‘drop in’ sessions during lunch times.

Careers lessons take place within our Citizenship programme and include key important aspects to getting a job.  This includes CV building, personal statements and interview techniques.

The academy has also subscribed to eclips-online careers resource. Here students can research specific jobs as well help on general items such as writing a CV, interview tips and job market trends.

We offer a range of activities to enhance careers education at The Palmer Catholic Academy.  This includes enterprise days, visits to local and national businesses, guest speakers giving talks on their personal experiences, a Year 11 Careers Day, University visits, community support programmes and assemblies.  This is also enhanced through the curriculum, as each department delivers career based lessons on their specific subject.

Work Experience

All Year 12 Students  embark on 2-weeks work experience at the end of the summer term.  We have found it valuable in a number of ways. It may be that your child would like to work in an area that they are considering as a career choice or is related to their UCAS applications.

Work Experience will provide your child a chance to: 

  • Help personal and social development & develop key skills in a work environment
  • Improve employability by searching for an own placement - linked to their chosen career
  • Learn about the world of work
  • Meet new people and find out what it means to work as a team
  • Take responsibility for their own actions

The Process

There are two ways of getting a placement – finding an own placement or using Rebep to find a placement via their online system.

Finding an Own Placement

The work experience is often greatly enhanced if the students/parents can find their own placement. These placements may be geared towards the area of work students may want to find out more about or will support their UCAS applications directly.

There is an own placement form for employers, students and parents to fill in, the placement is then checked for employee safety and if the placement has employer liability insurance.  Own placements can be either from the local area or even nationally.

Using Rebep to find a Placement

Local jobs in the area are available through Rebep. Here students can use a live job allocator and select 5 potential jobs they are interested in.  There is competition for these – so the earlier the better.

What standards you can expect?

Your careers education and guidance programme will help students develop their skills and interests, investigate potential opportunities in learning and work, and be able to plan well to manage the steps in their career. These aims are based on the national framework for careers education and guidance. You can also expect to be treated equally with others and offered support as you need it. You will be guaranteed careers information and advice that is up to date, thorough and unbiased, and have access to professional and expert guidance when you need it.

Our careers education and guidance programme will enable you to:

  • Self Development
  • Review your skills, interests and priorities
  • Consider issues of equal opportunity in selection processes
  • Identify what influences your decision making
  • Career Exploration, including Apprenticeships
  • Consider work experience placements/options that suit your skills, interests and priorities
  • Investigate training and work opportunities
  • Understand your rights and responsibilities in the workplace and who can help
  • Practice careers research skills
  • Understand the importance of gaining recognized qualifications
  • Judge the most appropriate route/s for you after leaving school
  • Develop your knowledge of finance issues and how this may shape your futures plans
  • Prepare and produce your own CV
  • Apply for courses, training, apprenticeships or work
  • Recognise and practice good interview performance
  • Know where to get further help when you leave school

Our students' responsibility is to:

Be active in helping themselves as well as us helping them - visit the careers library to find out more about a career idea that interests you, be prepared to be realistic when making choices about the range of opportunities available & carry out all actions they have agreed to undertake with us.

Parents/carers can help by:

Attending all parent’s evenings to gain awareness of your child’s progress and attainment. Encouraging your child to try out new activities such as joining school and out-of-school activities, giving advice without pressure, encouraging friends/family to talk about their experience of work, take part in the Year 8 survey to discuss potential career paths for your child and attend the career and options evening to discuss with teachers potential career paths.